Stage 1 Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp

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Saturday July 1, 2017
Distance: 30 km / 80 km

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OLAF SKOGLUNDS MINNELØP will launch the 2017 Guide World Classic Tour with one of the toughest and longest stage of the season. The athletes will certainly be eager to measure their shape after few months without racing. The 80 km will witness once again an exciting battle for being the first to wear the highly coveted yellow bib of WCT Champion. Pretenders to the victory will have to go through the magnificent journey from the Norwegian’s east cost pearl Kragerø to Gautefall without experiencing any failure in the final hill.

If you are ready for some adventures and discover outstanding landscapes, as only the Norwegian Telemark has to offer, this race is made for you. And if you do not feel confident enough to undertake the 80 km, you can register for shorter distance as the 50 km and 30 km without loosing anything of the Olaf Skoglund Minneløp’s spirit.


The 80km race is the official distance to compete in all Guide WCT competitions excepting Guide WCT Junior for both women and men. Junior has to register to the 30 km race to compete for Guide WCT Junior points.

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