Stage 3 Alliansloppet

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Saturday August 25, 2018
Distance: 16, 32 and 48 km

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Alliansloppet is the world biggest rollerski event gathering more than 1600 participants in 2017. The race is held in Trollhättan, a city well known for its impressive waterfall and locks.

The now mythic 16 km long loop to achieve three times leads the skiers across scenic landscapes. The relatively easy track will fit perfectly to beginners and amateurs to take part to their first rollerski event. The event is also official seeding for Vasaloppet! 

Alliansloppet is a great rollerskiing and sport celebration! Numerous sport animations and events for everyone take place during the very intense and joyful action week!


The 48 km race is the official distance to compete in all Guide WCT competitions excluding Guide WCT Junior for both women and men. Junior has to register to the 32 km race to compete for Guide WCT Junior points.

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